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I have released an e-booklet containing bonus chapters from my debut title: ‘Resurrecting David’s fallen Tent to Usher in the End-time Harvest’. This booklet can be read as a stand alone book and will bless you greatly!
It is called ‘Possessing the remnant of Edom’ and it also contains a brief overview of what occurred during the ‘silent years’ between Malachi and Matthew. Here’s a brief description:
How does the tiny Old Testament book of Obadiah and his references to the Edomites relate to the current prophetic season we are in today?
Find out not only the history behind the Edomites (including their role in the silent years between Malachi and Matthew), but also how Old Testament prophecies concerning Edom are applied to the Gospel Age we are blessed to live in.
What lessons can we learn from the character and actions of this ancient people who resided just south-east of the Promised Land? Which New Testament character is linked to their heritage and how did it turn out for him?

By signing up to my mailing list you will receive a free PDF download of this great little book! If you prefer to read it on your kindle device, you can purchase it here for only $2.99US.

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