New Covenant Salvation Foreshadowed in Genesis 15 & 17

In Genesis 15, we see a pattern of New Covenant salvation where we see Abraham being justified by faith and credited with righteousness apart from any good or bad works he had previously done. He simply believed God’s word given to him as a promise.

Then in chapter 17, we find both Abram and Sarai be given a name-change where effectively the β€˜H’ for Holy Spirit was added to their names, symbolizing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit Who comes and lives inside of everyone the moment they believe and are born again. The moment we are saved, we gain access to the Holy Spirit just like Abraham and Sarah gained the Hebrew letter β€˜heh’ which denotes the breath of the Spirit of God.

For a fuller revelation, click on the image below to watch the video πŸ‘‡βœοΈ

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