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Ever wanted to know how it would look if the four gospels were synchronized into one epic compilation? Well, your wait is over: Introducing, Gospel Sync: The Greatest Story Ever Told Rolled Into One.
       In this project, I have collated and then assembled an all-encompassing biography of the earthly life of Jesus Christ by exhaustively and thoroughly combining every detail contained within the holy gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with a high level of precision.
      Gospel Sync has not been completed as a substitute for the Word of God. Rather, it is a study tool alongside the four gospels that will enhance the readers understanding and help to bring out finer details that would normally be overlooked or go unnoticed. By aligning events side by side, my aim is to provide deeper clarity.
     So come on the journey and take a front row seat as you encounter the life of Jesus in a whole new dimension! Select your preferred option: Full Colour coded & Red Letter e-book / Black & White Paperback / Full Colour Coded & Red Letter Paperback ⬅️ Not avail. in Australia

Tucked away in the centre of our Bibles is a hidden mystery concerning the time of the end. It leads to abundant harvests of wheat, grapes and milk. Could this be revival, even an awakening?
      King David will forever be known as a man after God’s own heart, but the million-dollar question remains; why was this so? As we resurrect David’s fallen tent, we obtain our answer and are invited to join him as worshipers after the Lord’s own heart.
      The quest to discover more about this humble tent (placed on top of Mount Zion) creates a sense of intrigue and intense fascination, but it culminates in far more than that. This obscure, unconventional set-up released the glory of God out of solitary confinement, impacting people from all nations. According to the Apostle James, this is what the Body of Christ is called to resurrect in the Gospel Age! 
     Come with me on a journey to unlock these secrets and so much more in ‘Resurrecting David’s fallen tent to usher in the End-time Harvest!’

     Would you like extra chapters to accompany the revelations found in my debut title ‘Resurrecting David’s Fallen Tent to Usher in the End-Time Harvest’? This booklet can also be read as a stand alone book and will bless you greatly!
     How does the tiny Old Testament book of Obadiah and his references to the Edomites relate to the current prophetic season we are in today? Find out not only the history behind the Edomites (including their role in the silent years between Malachi and Matthew), but also how Old Testament prophecies concerning Edom are applied to the Gospel Age we are blessed to live in.
     What lessons can we learn from the character and actions of this ancient people who resided just south-east of the Promised Land? Which New Testament character is linked to their heritage and how did it turn out for him?
     Find out all these things and so much more in ‘Possessing the Remnant of Edom’.

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